We had better abort the “Progressive”, anti social, free radical, social disease! The “Progressive” growing communicable virus, is growing inside the totality of the social organism of our whole human race! It is not passed from sexual organ to sexual organ! The “Progressive” free radical, social disease, is communicated by way of the organ of choice! “Progressive” free radical infecting of social life, is communicated by way of the minds of libertine free radicals, identity theft against our individual social liberty, itself! The problem with conservative anti libertarians, is conservatives without individual social choice, are only conserving some irregular form or part of social ideas, void of the individual social human choices, that constitute our individual social life choices! Then “Conservative anti libertarians” are just narrowed down specialist versions of “Progressives”! The real social disease of “Progressive” destruction of social life, is rooted in the intelligence elites of “Progressive” ill-liberal, anti-social, self worshipping idolatry! “Progressive” fast change ill-liberal artists, are cold calculating masterminds! Progressives’ power tripping, control freakin, hatin on social success, blocks social progress! “Progressive” policies,are simply ill-liberal anti social progress! Let’s abort “Progressive” anti social growth, before “Progressive” destruction of our social eco-system, aborts us! A social progress, human ecology rooted, individual social science methodology base,is laissez faire liberal social Progress! A social economy must abort “Progressive” anti social growth! Social life choice must abort the anti social “Progressive” growth, from the social eco system! Abort Progressive self destruction or we all die from “progressive” free radical rooted, suicide of our social progress! That is our social life choice of the totality of our social human race!