“Progressive” engraved images,are explicitly articulated by the “Progressive” war on women’s choices, outside birth control! Human self control of individual choices, in our individual deeds, is our Human capital! This is the only form of productive capital stock, that all else in capital accounting, grows from! No capital grows, without human action! A survival of a plane crash without heat, fuel, tools , shelter, but plenty of cash, in the wilderness, is shot out of luck! Now, with the assimilating of more & more wilderness, to the capitalist social world, the surviving victim, might have a chance if natives happen by! But his cash is in it’s totality, not capital, with no human beings to trade with! Human Social capital, the survivors ability to lend a hand to strangers, is more valuable than any amount of cash, without a cash based capitalist social order! Our self control, is not only the ultimate birth control, but the ultimate human capital forming accumulating dynamo! Human beings are literally more value-able than gold! Just imagine your ability to create your own alter-ego, in your computing tools at home abroad or in robot form! If we had the choice to reproduce our own computing powers of sense & choice life deeds, we would have gold, if it was in a growing robot! We see this in our physical mechanical world, but “Progressives” do not regard human capital as it is actually the human choice skills, as more at the root definition of wealthy than money capital!
This does not even start to do justice to the human handiwork, incorporated in the human totality of productive good deeds good works producing human handiworks, like the simple saying, “I got your back”! You scratch my back I will scratch yours”! No body imagines the best computing robotics to equal the gentle helping hand, of the human epicurean, HedonSocial sense of social life survival! Our social symbiotic, HedonSocial sense, of our own alter ego’s common sense, provides us with the social dynamo, producing a transformation of “my ability to scratch my back” ,to my social capital, “ability to scratch your back”! “Progressives” do not think like this at all!